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June on Bornholm

The month of June on Bornholm is a fantastic month.

It's just before it starts with the high season, so everything is open, but it's to get to all roads.

You can easily get a table at the good restaurants, there is space in the shops and it is easy to park etc.

It is also in the month of June that two major events on Bornholm run off the stack.

One is the Folkemødet, where political enthusiasts from all over the country meet and talk, discuss and drink lots of beer. It all takes place in Allinge over four days in mid-June and it is something of a party. If you have not experienced it, try it! But be well in advance when booking a hotel, ferry, etc. There is a rift about the good places, so Hotel Klippen and Therns Hotel in Gudhjem are often booked several months in advance.

The second event is "Sol Over Gudhjem" which is Denmark's largest cooking competition.

It takes place in Gudhjem harbor just below Hotel Klippen and the event attracts approx. 10,000 people who all come to taste good food and watch the talented chefs fight for this year's titles.

It takes place at the end of June and again you have to be out early with the hotel bookings :-)

It was just two exciting events in June on Bornholm, but much more is happening. And it is now the heat is starting to come, so the weather is usually really good, but you have to keep in mind that Bornholm is a bit behind with the weather, so the temperature is as it is in May in the rest of the country. Like when Denmark is best, not too hot not too cold :-)


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