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"Folkemødet" in Allinge on Bornholm fills Hotel Klippen

Again this year, Hotel Klippen in Gudhjem is filled to the brim with participants from this year's "Folkemøde".

Folkemødet is an annual event that attracts tens of thousands of people to Bornholm, and everyone must have a place to live, so even though Gudhjem is 10 km from Allinge, the Hotel Klippen in Gudhjem is full to bursting point. We are really looking forward to all the happy guests, who when they come home tired from the meeting, can rest in the lovely rooms, and enjoy cold beers on the large terrace.

If you need a place to stay, we still have a few rooms left at our sister hotel "Therns Hotel in Gudhjem", so take a look if there should still be available rooms. We look forward to seeing you all and hope that you will inspired by all the political speeches and activities that are on Bornholm that week :-)

About Folkemødet

Folkemødet takes place in Allinge, and lasts for four days. There is an opening from the main stage on Thursday afternoon and a closing on Sunday afternoon. The parties in the Folketing will be provided with half an hour on the main stage. The parties themselves must decide how they want to spend their time, but often it is the party leader who speaks. The largest parties get the best times on Friday and Saturday, while the smallest parties have to settle for Sunday or Thursday.

During the four days, there are many events from parties, associations, companies and individuals and most events take place in tents, but permanent buildings in Allinge are also used as e.g. Grønbechs Hotel, the old fire station on Havnegade, Allinge Library and Gæstgiveren. Private houses are also used. Nordlandshallen is used as a press center. In addition, the Port of Allinge is filled with ships that are also used for events.


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