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Hotel Klippen has a sister hotel: Therns Hotel in Gudhjem

Not everyone knows that, but Hotel Klippen has a sister hotel, which is also located in Gudhjem. The hotel's name is Therns Hotel and it was taken over by Jannie and Martin Buch Thorborg in January 2022. The first months of the year have been spent painting rooms and generally refreshing them and over the next few years, the hotel will be brought back to its heyday and once again function as one of the city's best hotels.

Therns Hotel is a real family hotel. The rooms are almost all large and some rooms sleep 5 or more. A couple of them have 10 and a single up to 20 beds. So there really is room for the big family.

12 of the rooms are en suite and several of them have city and sea views. Others face the courtyard, or the Rock.

Some rooms also have a bathroom in the hallway and can be rented at a cheap price. If you are looking for a hotel located in the middle of Gudhjem and which has plenty of space, and at a good price, Therns Hotel is definitely a good offer.

And then Therns Hotel has the terrace with the best view of Gudhjem City.


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