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Breakfast and brunch in Gudhjem with the best view on Bornholm

Do you want to have breakfast or brunch in Gudhjem with the best view on Bornholm?

Then Hotel Klippens Cafe Plateau is the place to do it :-)

The concept is that you can choose from a lot of small, delicious dishes.

For example, you can choose:

* Freshly baked sourdough bread and coarse bread

* Jams from local farms in Gudhjem

* Sausages from Hallegård slaughterhouse

* Cheese from Bornholm Dairy

* Homemade hummus

* Waffles

* Yoghurt with our homemade granola

* A coffee of your choice from our espresso machine (Cappuccino, caffe latte, flat white, americano or a cup of tea from one of the local producers

* A glass of local juice (Apple juice, Sea buckthorn etc.)

and much more.

We are open every day from 7:00 - 16:00, but remember to book a table at or 31 40 80 66

We look forward to seeing you❤️


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