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The entrepreneurs Jannie and Martin buch Thorborg take over Hotel Klippen in Gudhjem

On October 1, the entrepreneurs Jannie and Martin buch took over Thorborg Hotel Klippen, with the vision that the quality of rooms and restaurant must match the completely unique location Hotel Klippen has, directly to the Baltic Sea, with a view of Gudhjem city.

"We have been looking at Hotel Klippen for several years, and since Jannie has run a hotel before and I have dreamed of the location in the 20 years I have had a house in Gudhjem, we jumped at the chance," says Martin Buch Thorborg.

Over the next few months, the hotel will have a boost in all rooms, with new curtains, bedding, art, etc. and the restaurant needs to be raised in level so that primarily organic local products are used.


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