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Hotel Klippen is open all year round☀️🍁❄️🌿..- And we are always ready to welcome you...

Hotel Klippen is the place that never sleeps. Regardless of the Season, our doors are always open and we are ready to welcome travelers, all the while the hotel remains a constant oasis of comfort and service that never compromises.

We are always ready to meet your needs and create a warm atmosphere.

We take great pride in being a reliable destination and never stop creating memorable stays for our guests. We consikder all seasons as an opportunity to create unique experiences for our guests and adapt to each season so that it reflects the changing seasons and moods. All seasons offer very special experiences and activities on Bornholm and we will keep you updated on attractions, concerts and much more.

Always keep an eye here on the website, on Instagram @hotelklippen and on Facebook @Hotel_Klippen_i_Gudhjem.

We regularly have good offers and recommendations for attractions, excursions, etc.


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