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The affordable rooms at Hotel Klippen are being overhauled

Just behind Hotel Klippen, is the annex, which contains 4 rooms with sea views and 4 rooms that are extra good for the sun, with a nice terrace just outside the rooms.

Now we are in the process of giving all eight rooms a proper overhaul, with brand new bathrooms, new furniture, curtains and more.

So look forward to the new 2022 season, where the annex is in top shape, ready to give you a good night's sleep.

At the beginning of 2022, we will renovate the restaurant at Hotel Klippen so that it will be even more cozy and then we will upgrade the breakfast so that it will be with good organic and local products. For Hotel Klippen must be rebuilt in the good old quality that has previously prevailed in the hotel.


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