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MA TEO is now making at Pizza Hotel Klippen in Gudhjem

At Hotel Klippen in Gudhjem, we have managed to make an agreement with the young talented pizza entrepreneurs Tonja and Daniel.

They specialize in making Neapolitan pizzas and do so primarily with local organic products.

They use flour from Den Bornholmske Valsemølle and the dough rises for 72 hours, the meat is from Hallegård Slagteri and vegetables from local farmers.

The unique thing about Neapolitan pizzas is that they have a thin bottom and are baked with very high heat. It gives it a light and completely unique taste and consistency. But beware, you become addicted :-)

So it is not too much to say that Hotel Klippen in Gudhjem now has Bornholm's best pizzas :-)


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