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Experience the magical Christmas spirit on Bornholm with A stay at Hotel Klippen 🎄

A Christmas stay at Hotel Klippen will create the perfect setting to experience the cozy atmosphere on Bornholm around Christmas time.

Gudhjem and the rest of Bornholm offer unique opportunities to experience local Christmas markets, concerts and Bornholm's Christmas traditions.

At the many Christmas markets, local handicrafts, delicacies and unique Local products are on offer in all categories.

The culinary experiences on Bornholm around Christmas time are very special. Christmas menus are often a delicious combination of traditional Christmas dishes and local delicacies. It is an experience to taste the local specialities, which bring a completely extraordinary feeling of Christmas to the table

"Christmas is the Feast of Hearts"...- The time when we open our hearts, show care and share our love and generosity. So why not take a few days off the calendar and spend time with the family on beautiful Bornholm and Hotel Klippen. Christmas is the time to show gratitude and create beautiful memories together 💝.


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