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Hiking in Gudhjem

Gudhjem has some of the best hiking routes on Bornholm.

If you start in Gudhjem Harbor and go off the rescue path towards Melsted, you first pass Hotel Klippen, where you can start with a good breakfast. Then you walk on the rescue path, which is located in the rocks, with the most beautiful view of the Baltic Sea, with Christiansø in the distance.

You can walk all the way to Svaneke and that route is 17.5 km long, but you can also "get off" on the road, e.g. in Saltuna, where you can take the bus back.

If you go the other way, you get high up in the terrain and there you can walk towards the Shrine Cliffs. That trip is also fantastic and offers a very varied terrain. If you do not want to go that far, you can "get off" at Bornholms Museum and take the bus back, or the boat Thor, which can be taken from Helligdomsklipperne.

Bornholm is in general as created for the good walks, the rocks, the sea and the lush nature, invites to the good long walks and regardless of the weather, Bornholm is a beautiful acquaintance.


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