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Ecooking and Hotel Klippen have entered into a collaboration

The Danish organic company Ecooking, is now a supplier of shampoo, conditioner and hand soap to Hotel Klippen.

Ecooking has started the Danish skin care manufacturer Tina Søgaard, who in 2014 went into her laboratory to make a product for herself, as her skin had become tired and sad.

At the time, Tina already had a company that did personal care for other brands. Therefore, she had access to raw materials and decades of knowledge about what works and gives the skin the boost it needs.

Tina stated: "I literally took the matter into my own hands and went to the lab and selected the ingredients needed without thinking about the price. And then I mixed creams, serum and oil in my own kitchen."

The result came quickly and it was noticed. And pretty quickly it was in demand by friends and family, so Tina had to make a really small production in the kitchen.

When she started right out, the range consisted of 7 products. Today, Ecooking contains more than 200 products within skin care, hair care and makeup.

The rest is history and now Tina’s products can also be found at Hotel Klippen, which is one of the few hotels in Denmark that carries her exclusive products.


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