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10 days of world-class handicrafts on Bornholm

Are you crazy about Ceramics, Hand blown glass, Jewelery and Textiles..?? Then Bornholm Craft Weeks is a completely unique experience.

At Hotel Klippen, we are proud to be able to call Bornholm part of the "World Craft Regions".

A title Bornholm was honored with in 2017 as the first place in Europe and the first island community in the world...

From September 1-10, Bornholm will offer a huge catalog of experiences that invite visitors right into the heart of Handicrafts.

The island's many skilled artisans will share their great passion for raw materials and the ability to create completely unique works...

Exciting stories about many proud traditions will be the focal point when you visit the many workshops on the island, and you will have the opportunity to test your own skills, in Workshops for both children and adults...

Great special exhibitions, guided tours and much, much more...

Bornholm Craft Weeks gets Hotel Klippen's warmest recommendation..!!

Do you want to know more and plan your stay..?

So take a look here..


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