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On holiday in Gudhjem - Hotel with a view

If you are looking for a unique and picturesque place for your holiday in Denmark, look no further than Gudhjem on Bornholm. This charming town has 750 inhabitants and is situated on a mountain, making it Denmark's only mountain town.

Gudhjem is known for its handicraft scene with many glassworks and other handicrafts on display. The town's smokehouses are also a reminder of the town's history when smoked fish from Gudhjem was exported all over the world.

There are many really good restaurants on Bornholm and in Gudhjem. You will find both traditional Danish dishes and international dishes. The quality of the food is generally very high and you are sure to find something to your liking. There are also many good cafes and bakeries on the island, so you can always get a tasty snack or a cup of coffee.

During your stay in Gudhjem, remember to take a ferry to Christiansø, Denmark's most easterly island. You can also sail along the coast to see the beautiful Shrine Cliffs. Whatever you do, you are sure to have a memorable and relaxing stay in Gudhjem on Bornholm.


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