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Accommodation on Christiansø

A visit to the two small islands, Christiansø and Frederiksø in the archipelago Ertholmene, is to step into history: They were built in 1684 with cannon towers and fortress walls, which are part of the Nordic region's first sea fortress. Just over 100 people live on the islands and have a school, doctor, grocery store and inn. Since 2020, the islands are one of Denmark's nature parks and with good reason.

There are several options for overnight stays on Christiansø. You can either stay overnight

Christiansø Gæstgiveri or campers at the campsite where there is room for more than 30 tents.

Before the trip to Christiansø, you can spend the night at Hotel Klippen which is located just above the harbor, where the boat Ertholmen departs towards Christiansø several times a day during the high season. Then you can easily get to Christiansø early in the morning and enjoy a whole day on the island.

Before your trip to Christiansø, you can spend the night at Hotel Klippen, which is located just above Gudhjem Harbor, where the boat Ertholm sails to Christiansø several times a day. Here you can enjoy Gudhjem's best breakfast on our large terrace and enjoy the view of the Baltic Sea, Christiansø and Gudhjem.


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