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Booking Help

The booking procedure contains the following steps, which you can prepare before pressing the Bookinglink:

When you have pressed the Bookinglink you will enter af new window., where you can complete your booking in 9 steps. Every time you have finished one step, press "Next". You can always press "Back" in order to com back to the preceding step.

1.    The first step is choosing arrival day and departure day (in order to secure, that there are vacant rooms during your preferred stay).

2.    Second step is choosing the number of persons your booking consists of (in order to secure, that there are beds enough in the rooms you choose). If you bring children age 0 to 12, who can sleep together with their parents in the same bed, you shall not include these children in the chosen number of persons.

3.    Third step is choosing room type and number of rooms.You can press the button "See all room types", in order to see all the room types. The room types are divided in double rooms and single rooms. Each room type are in the same price group. In som room types there can be 3 beds - and in other only 1bed. Each room type contains a short description and you will find the room numbers in the headline. Each room type has a scrolling menu, where you can choose to have as many rooms as you want to book, in the specific room type. Just beneath the scrolling you can see how many vacant rooms it will be able to book of that specific room type. You can choose rooms from several room types in the same booking procedure. When you have chosen the right rooms and the right number of rooms, you can press "Next".

4.    In the fourth step you can choose specific room numbers by request. This will of course only be possible, if there is more than one vacant room in the chosen room type.

5.    In the fifth step you can choose extra accessories, f.ex. extra towels or a dog basket.

6.    Step 6 is an overview of your booking, where you can control your booking so far. If not press "Back" and make the necessary corrections.

7.    In step 7 please enter your contact information, name, address etc., and please accept the general terms for your stay at the hotel.

8.    I step 8 you can choose online payment of your booking. In order to come to the payment window you have to press the icon "Pay online now", and you will automatically be transferred to Epay - secure payment. Here you can pay your booking with your credit card. Unfortunately we cannot offer other forms of payment. When you have reached this step you can not go back, because yoy have been transferred to another system. If you leave the Epay window without paying, you will receive an error message, and you will have to start all over again with your booking. If you want to book the same rooms once again, you will have to wait 15 minutes, because the booking system reserves the rooms for a while in order to secure, that two persons can not book the same room simultaneously.

9.  When you have paid, you will get a receipt, and your booking is accepted. You will automatically receive an email form the booking system, which confirms your booking.

Where are the specific room numbers situated at the Hotel?
You can find the room numbers on the drawing at the right side of the page. If you press on the drawings you can see a larger picture of the room plan.

Can I regret my booking when I have paid?
If you regret you can cancel your booking, and get some of your payment back:

  • If you cancel not later than 30 days before arrival you will get a refund of 90% of your payment.

  • If you cancel not later than 14 days before arrival you will get a refund of 50% of your payment.

  • If you cancel later tha 14 days before arrival you will get no refund.

Payment security and fees.
Hotel Klippen uses ePay which is the biggest - and oldest - supplier of payment solutions to bigger as well as smaller customers – Payment with credit card at Hotel Klippen is therefore secure and certified by PBS. 
Hotel Klippen does not keep any card information. The amount paid is acknowledgeg by Hotel Klippen before the payment is drawn form your account in order to prevent misunderstandings.
You can pay with cards issued in Denmark, f.ex. Dankort and Visa/Dankorter, and with international credit cards, f.ex. Visa/Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express and JCB Cards.
Hotel Klippen pays all fees.


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