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Hotel Klippen Reviewer...- Døndalen 4-⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5.

At Hotel Klippen we love nature a lot and take great pride in being able to give our guests the best tips for places worth visiting during their stay.

Døndalen is only approx. 6 kilometers from Hotel Klippen, on the coastal stretch towards Allinge.

In Døndalen is the most beautiful waterfall, which originates from the Døndale River. The waterfall drops 20 meters and is thus Denmark's 3rd highest. The valley changes significantly from season to season, and this helps to make it completely unique..- In Spring, in particular, the valley and the waterfall show their most beautiful side and here you get an experience for all the senses... Bottom is covered with beautiful white anemones and fragrant fresh chives (which are extremely suitable for a homemade pesto). The sound of singing nightingales is mixed with the sound of the rushing waterfall, which at this time of the year is filled with meltwater and therefore has the best conditions for its origin...

During the summer months the waterfall often dries up, but the valley is still absolutely worth a visit in the warm months..- and all year round !!

The lack of ⭐️ in Hotel Klippen's review is justified solely by the fact that in the high season there may well be a multitude of people (understandably..)..- but this may in its own way disturb the otherwise almost meditative experience. .An early morning or late evening visit at this time of year is clearly preferable if you want to disappear into the deep quiet of the forest...🌿.


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